Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I just wanted to dedicate a post to my Mom. My Mom lost her sister this week. It has really been very hard for her and her family. I really don't think the age of someone matters it is always hard to say goodbye to someone you love. I think that the grieving process is different for everyone. Just because someone grieves one way that doesn't mean it will work for another. I just want to let my Mom know how much we all love her and we all are here to make her dealing process a little easier. Having sisters is a really great thing in life. It always seems that with me and my sisters no matter what we will always be there for each other. We all go through times when you aren't as close or we don't talk as much. But that doesn't mean that our sisters are far from our hearts. It has always been with us that we can say and do whatever to each other but if anyone else does then you will have three mean girls on your hands. I know that my Mom and her sisters are a lot the same. Through out the years good times and tough times they have stuck up for each other. That is something that sisters always have. I just want to say I love you Mom and always remember our families are waiting for us on the other side. That day that we reunite with them will be the true heaven that we all wish for. For us it seems like forever but for them it is just minutes. I love you and be strong (it has always seemed to help me).

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lots of Firsts

Well this week has been filled with lots of firsts for Miss Elley. I hope that you can see in the pictures she now has pierced ears. Kendal was not to happy on this day but I have been dying to get them done. I asked all of the doctors to make sure it was fine and they all gave me the go ahead. She did cry for a minute but she will never remember. She looks so darling with them.
The next first was Valentine's Day. Yes, Elley got her first Valentine from her Daddy and Grandpa got to deliver it. She is so lucky to have such a great Daddy. He sent her a great big balloon that sings. I wasn't sure if she liked it or if she was going to cry. The beautiful flowers that came with the balloon were for me and they really were gorgeous. Later that night after Kendal got home from work he brought home chocolates and a puppy stuffed animal for Elley. I was also lucky enough to have a steak and shrimp dinner cooked for me and cleaned up. It was so delicious. (Thanks Daddy we love you).
Our cute friend Candace brought over this adorable red and white dress and the matching bow the other day. I had to take a picture because she looked so darn cute. The bow was about the size of her head but she looked to adorable to not snap a picture. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's like we did.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

We had a wonderful Superbowl Sunday at Josie and Derek's house this weekend. Like always there was lots and lots of goodies and all of the family. Although I am not that in to football the commercials and game were fun to watch. Elley had a hard time napping due to all of the noise. I think she just wanted to be involved in all of the activities that were going on. Grandpa Brad was having so much fun he fell asleep on the couch (he really isn't a huge football fan). It was nice to visit with everyone. Elley enjoyed talking with Granny Bullock, she had all kinds of stories to tell her. Granny was so happy she even got on the floor to visit back. After a great night of football and fun Josie got her quitar out and showed us all her new skills. She is great!!! Her voice is beautiful and she is a self taught quitarist. I was amazed. I think my Dad loved it the most (Jos learned some old school songs that he really likes). Here are some fun pictures of little Elley and the Family.