Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dalton and Yiayia

I found this cute picture of Yiayia and Dalton. It still amazes me how much Elley looks like him. He was such a beautiful and fun boy. I truly miss him. Taking Elley to Green River reminded me of all the times that I took Dalton. He thought it was so fun to see Popu and Yiayia. Even though he didn't see them much he always remembered them. He loved to eat Yiayia's Greek spaghetti and cookies. I love you Dalton.

Yiayia and Popu

Elley and I along with my Mom took a short trip to Green River to see my Yiayia and Popu (grandparents). They were really surprised to see us. We decided it would be fun to not let them know that we were coming. Like always Yiayia had lunch cooking. I don't thing I have ever eaten a meal that wasn't just delicious at her house. Even Kendal loves and craves Greek food like the rest of us. He now will request Greek food for dinner at least once a week. It is always nice to see my grandparents. Yiayia was going through drawers and gave me some things that I will cherish. I thought that these pictures were really cute of Elley and them.