Friday, July 17, 2009


We went camping with our good friends and my little sister and her husband. We had such a good time. Poor little Elley was getting teeth and had a touch of a cold but she was a trooper. the weather was beautiful.
It was nice to have Josie and Derek with us. We are so excited to there little girl to arrive.
The Martinsen family also came. They are like family to us. I love their boys like they were my own and Steph is like my sister. We went on a trail ride altogether and the trail was a little rough but we made it. The kids love the fourwheelers.
Later that day it was really hot so Kendal decided to let the kids play in the igloo cooler. Like Steph said "the many uses of an igloo cooler". The kids had a ball. I think Kendal enjoyed it just as much as they did.
I love this picture. I love these boys and feel so lucky that Elley will grow up with them. They will be like brothers. They all love her and I know that she loves them. They have helped us though some really rough times so I want to thank them (We love you). Our trip was a blast I hope to have more trips like this.

July 4th Celebration

Our holiday was lots of fun. We went to the parade and the fireworks. Elley really enjoyed the parade. She would dance with the music and wave at the horses. I can't believe how big she is getting. We took her the the fireworks and to our surprise she really loved them. She laid between Kendal and I and held both of our hands. I thought she would be scared but she wasn't in the slightest.

My Granny and Aunt Tanya joined us for the parade. My cute niece Jasmin was in the parade with her dance class. So they came to watch.
I thought this was so cute. She had to sit on the curb all by herself like a big girl. She thinks she needs to grow up so fast.